Meet Young1ove


Using data to keep African
youth HIV-free.

"Data is critical. It’s our accountability measure; we’re
discovering what can really be done to fight this epidemic."

Noam Angrist, Co-founder & Executive Director

Who is Young 1ove?

The NGO Young Love connects young Botswanans with the life-saving information they need to protect themselves and their health from unwanted pregnancies and HIV/AIDS. They’re on a quest to reach all of Botswana’s youth with their powerful prevention programs. Their Sugar Daddies Program teaches young African boys and girls that along with the gifts and cash their older partners may give comes a very real high risk of contracting HIV (roughly 40 percent of men over 40 have HIV).

The Data Challenge

The best way for the Young 1ove team to collect data from the youth participating in the Sugar Daddies Program - often at schools in rural areas where technology is unfamiliar - is by using paper surveys. Paper surveys allow program facilitators to reach all of the students in one classroom simultaneously, and help capture anonymous, candid responses. But, while the paper method is effective for data collection, data extraction posed a serious challenge.

"Time is of the essence, you can get money back but once time is gone, it’s gone. There’s a limited amount of time we have to reach the kids, and then they’re pregnant. It’s [Captricity] been a godsend; we’re very lucky."

Noam Angrist, Co-founder & Executive Director

The Data Solution

Using Captricity, Young 1ove is now able to process the paper surveys they collected from students in days, and with high levels of accuracy. Utilizing a Dropbox integration, they scan the forms, sync them to Dropbox and easily upload them to Captricity. This data processing method relieves the Young 1ove team from the woes of manual data entry and allows them to spend more time making sure no kid is left behind.


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