Meet No Yawa


Using data to provide African youth
with sex education and resources.

"We noticed that youth sexual health was really lacking in Ghana. So the
three of us [Grameen Foundation, DKT International, Marie Stopes
International) came together and wrote this proposal for the Dutch
Embassy explaining how we wanted to address reproductive health issues
among teenagers in a unique way."

Michaela Hayes, Health Communications Officer for Grameen Foundation

Who is No Yawa?

No Yawa is a three-year project, funded by the Dutch Embassy, that provides youth with accurate and relevant information about sexual and reproductive health. Created by three organizations, Grameen Foundation, DKT International and Marie Stopes International, No Yawa (meaning “no worries” in local slang) is designed to increase understanding of sexual and reproductive issues, improve behaviors and address the unmet need for youth-friendly information, services and products in Ghana.

The Data Challenge

MOTECH (the Grameen Foundation’s mobile health technology) did an amazing job delivering informative texts about sex education to youth that self-registered via a mobile phone for the No Yawa program. The issue arose when the short codes being used on mobile to get teenagers signed up weren’t working as expected. The Grameen Foundation turned to paper recruitment forms to help their outreach partners easily collect registration data onsite and make it simple for youth to get signed up. The next step was finding a reliable way to process those forms quickly.

"We had the capability to develop a paper-based recruitment system for our outreach teams already in place, but the question then became, ‘How do we get the paper-based information into an electronic format that our system can use?’ Captricity’s software solved that very problem."

Michaela Hayes, Health Communications Officer for Grameen Foundation

The Data Solution

Using Captricity’s cloud-native platform that captures and converts handwriting on paper forms into digital data, Grameen Foundation was able to quickly, securely and accurately process information from recruitment forms into an Excel file that could be pushed into the MOTECH system. Captricity helped Grameen Foundation to scale recruitment efforts significantly from recruiting just 20,000 participants over a 6-month period to recruiting over 80,000 participants over a 6-month period.


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