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Using data to help midwives, nurses and birth attendants build their skills and save newborn lives.

"Jhpiego's ultimate goal is sustainability — leaving behind a well-prepared network of health care professionals and a strong foundation that they can build upon when we move on.”

Who is Jhpiego?

Jhpiego is dedicated to saving the lives of women and their families around the world. Established in 1974, Jhpiego is a world leader in providing education in obstetrics and gynecology to healthcare professionals in the developing world. In 1986, Jhpiego created a landmark competency-based training approach and has since developed an extensive network of global midwife, physician and nurse trainers who are nurturing new generations of health providers who otherwise would not have access to quality education. In Ghana, 23,000 newborns die in the first year of life; Jhpiego’s current efforts in the region are directed at lowering that grim statistic.

The Data Challenge

Data collection for the Ghanaian newborn mortality reduction project begins in the field. Training teams report progress and measure skills using a series of lengthy and necessary paper assessment forms. When the project launched the teams were also responsible for computerizing the data. This routine not only placed an unreasonable strain on their time, but also resulted in lots of data entry mistakes. The initial training sites produced a logjam of 22,000 pages of data that program monitors needed quickly to help steer the direction of the program and gauge the success of its design.

"I must say it has been very helpful for us using Captricity and very appreciated…initially we had a lot of backlog of data to obtain and capture. We needed this information for presentations and also for decision making to know how our programs are going.”

Amos Asiedu, Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Officer for Jhpiego

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The Data Solution

Captricity eliminated the expense of hiring data entry workers, and rapidly demolished the massive paper jam created by the initial field reporting. Because training takes place every six months, Jhpiego researchers get about 6,000 pages of fresh field data every quarter that must be captured and analyzed, and Captricity’s ease-of-use, speed and security enable them to focus on results – and saving lives.


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