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Using data to combat global poverty.

"We partner with other implementing organizations and design and run program evaluations to find out what works and what doesn't, and then we let the world know."

Niall Keleher, Former Director of Research Methods and Knowledge Management for IPA

Who is Innovations for Poverty Action?

The nonprofit organization Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) designs and facilitates economic development research projects and evaluations in over 15 countries. Hundreds of IPA staff, based in-country, implement evidence-based projects designed by academics and NGOs to illuminate policy and philanthropic responses to conquering global poverty.

The Data Challenge

A large majority of IPA’s staff, working in countries with under-resourced populations, marginal infrastructure, and limited resource availability, manage data collection for randomized trial evaluations. Most of these studies involve collecting data from hundreds of participants via paper. Although IPA has been moving to digital data collection where possible, it’s not practical in many developing countries.

"Captricity has helped transform the way Innovations for Poverty Action approaches data entry. With quick and accurate delivery, Captricity allows us to obtain reliable data for analysis and decision-making."

Niall Keleher, Former Director of Research Methods and Knowledge Management for IPA

The Data Solution

Captricity helps IPA staff turn paper data into the digital format they need quickly, securely and accurately. For example, IPA’s participant interviews are extremely thorough and need to be audited for data quality and reliability. These audits are always done with paper forms, which are easily processed using Captricity. This allows staff to spend more time reviewing and analyzing results and less time on manual data entry.

"The customer service that Captricity provides exceeds what I have received from most other software organizations. Aside from the quick turnaround of data entry, it is one of the largest selling points!"

Kristi Post, Research Manager, Innovations for Poverty Action


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