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"I vacillate between awe and pride when thinking about the team at Captricity – awe because of the caliber of individuals and the way they pour their heart into the work, and pride because they make this Captricity a special place to be."

Kuang Chen, Founder & CEO

Who is Captricity?

We believe that data empowers people to impact the world for the better and that data trumps intuition in helping organizations fulfill their missions. That is why we strive to democratize access to digital, useable data. We always have a relentless focus on customer value and user experience, and will do whatever it takes to help our users, often by creating clever solutions to the world’s "unsolvable" problems. No matter where our customers are, we meet them with the technology they can use to unlock the data they need to make better decisions -- decisions that help them reach more people and save more lives. We exercise transparency and accountability with our customers and each other. And no matter what the circumstances, we’re in it together. We never stop reminding ourselves why we're here -- data for all.

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