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Arming every organization with the data they need to drive the world forward.

Mission + Vision

Giving organizations faster and easier access to high-quality data to help drive the world forward.

Kuang Chen Founder & CEO

"Captricity has helped transform the way Innovations for Poverty Action approaches data entry. With quick and accurate delivery, Captricity allows us to obtain reliable data for analysis and decision-making."

Niall Keleher, Former Director of Research Methods and Knowledge Management for IPA

Our Values

  • Data empowers people to impact the world for the better
  • Clever solutions to “unsolvable” problems
  • Data over intuition
  • Relentless focus on customer value and user experience
  • Meet our customers where they are
  • Transparency and accountability with customers and each other
  • In it together
  • Remember why we’re here

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We're a passionate, energetic team solving interesting problems with real-world impact.

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Problem We're Solving

For many organizations, paper is an effective way to collect valuable data from the people and places they serve. It is inexpensive, easy and safe to use, and it doesn’t break or require any special infrastructure. But, getting access to data locked in paper documents is costly; the manual process of mining this information today takes significant time away from the work that directly serves an organization’s mission.

How Captricity Works

Get access to the data you need in 3 easy steps:

Step 1

Take a photo or a scan of your paper documents

Step 2

Upload to Captricity

Step 3

Download your data securely in a digital format (like Excel)

How will Captricity solve my paper problem?

Captricity partners with organizations by extracting information from paper (like surveys or health registers) and transforming it into digital information that can be easily uploaded to a database or used in a spreadsheet -- all without changing current workflows or requiring users to learn new technology. Captricity is fast (delivering data overnight), secure and 99%+ accurate - even on handwritten forms - giving organizations speedier access to the data they need to serve their mission in a more informed way.

Our Technology

Fast. Secure. 99%+ Accurate.


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What Do Uber, Zenefits And Public Health In A Kenyan Slum Have In Common?

January 2015

Important nonprofits and civil society organizations armed with timely, accurate data can tackle real-world problems in inspiring ways.


Solve For X

November 2014

What if important nonprofits and civil society organizations had more timely, fluent access to data to help them tackle real-world issues? Imagine a health care clinic in the developing world armed with Uber-level data.


MIT Innovators Under 35

August 2014

Kuang Chen founded Captricity, a company that uses a clever combination of computing and brainpower to read information on paper forms quickly and cost-effectively.


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The Captricity Process

Fast. Secure. 99%+ Accurate.